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The original Outlaws was founded in 2011 by Chris Bishop and Harold Ellis as a place for their sons and friends to play basketball. The organization grew quickly the first year to multiple teams at the 3rd through 6th grade levels and was very well respected locally. The club shut down before the 2014 season when Harold left to go to work for the Orlando Magic and Chris's son moved on to middle school basketball. 

Oakland Outlaws Basketball in Rochester

Oakland Outlaws Basketball   ROCHESTER, MI


Oakland Outlaws Basketball has been restarted in 2016 by two of the Outlaw's original coaches.  The new Oakland Outlaws  has been founded by John Lowery and Matt Felton. John and Matt are two experienced youth coaches and club administrators who could not find what they were looking for in the local basketball scene.  They wanted a quality organization, with great coaches, great trainers, and the best support resources available.

Welcome to the new Oakland Outlaws Basketball organization where the young athletes come first, not the organization or the coaches son or daughter. We are building the best local basketball experience for 5rd to 8th grade boys, and soon high school AAU players.

Welcome To The New 



Come be a part of the growth of our organization.  If you are a coach looking ifor a better organization for your team, or If you are a family looking for a better iexperience for your child, or If you are a player looking for more of a challenge and better development, contact us!

It is exciting to hear from as many families as we have looking for a quality organization for their sons.

E-mail (info@oaklandoutlawsbasket.com) or call us we want to hear from you too.